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And now for the really fun stuff - just some of the books you'll be able to find at the Cape Town International Book Fair:

The Great Karoo
Leon Nell
The Great Karoo is a vast, arid area with expansive plains, imposing mountains and warm and welcoming inhabitants. Focusing on eleven roughly drawn regions, Leon Nell depicts the fauna, flora, history, farming, architecture, attractions and people – both the unusual and the famous. Here is a treasure house of well-loved stories, characters, features and events that make up the paradox of the Karoo.
Nell brings to this book his experience in nature conservation and deep love of the land, and finds himself moved by the dogged determination and extraordinary hospitality of those who call this special place home.
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Explore the extraordinary Karoo

A Fold in the Map
Isobel Dixon
A Fold in the Map charts two very different journeys, the dislocations of leaving one's native country and an the grief of a father's final painful journey.
In the first part of the collection, Plenty - before the fold - the poems deal with family and the longing for home in a new country, and all the ambiguity this entails.
In the title's second half, Meet My Father, the poems recount events more life-changing than merely moving abroad - a father's illness and death, the loss of some of the plenty of the earlier poems.
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The ambiguities of two deeply personal journeys


Bodies Politic
Michiel Heyns
Jonathan Ball

Bodies Politic is a wonderfully elegant novel.
Three women look back in old age at a past they shared, not always harmoniously: Emmeline Pankhurst, the formidable suffragette; her daughter Sylvia; and Helen, who was loved by Harry, the neglected son of Emmeline and beloved brother to Sylvia. Through the narrative of each woman flits the figure of Christabel, Mrs Pankhurst’s favourite daughter: selfish and vain, but irresistible.
The three accounts, sometimes contradictory, sometimes confirmatory, reconstruct piece by piece the events surrounding Harry’s death and the human entanglements behind -indeed, at times driving - the public acts of the time.
Against the background of massive events – the struggle for the vote for women, the First World War – Bodies Politic examines, in fictionalised form, the private lives of the participants in these events, and the need for causes to be manifested in specific human bodies, in all their strength and weakness.
Moving, dramatic and at times grimly humorous, Bodies Politic is an entirely original account of great love and bitter resentment, political victory and personal defeat; but ultimately of the indomitable spirit that escapes the shackles of the body.
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A tale of the personal behind the political
Pompidou Posse
Sarah Lotz
It’s the late eighties and British teenagers Vicki and Sage are on the run in Paris after burning down their art-school pottery shed. Penniless, homeless, and worst of all, out of cigarettes, it isn’t long before they find themselves living on the streets.
Survival means not only learning to navigate the perils of soup-kitchens, begging, hallucinogens and sleeping rough, but also dealing with charismatic gypsy fire-eaters, violent German hoboes, teargas-happy gendarmes and sexual predators, including Taffy, a psychotic one-legged Welshman. While Sage battles with her own damaging secrets in the angry scrawls of her diary, naïve Vicki finds herself drawn to the damaged and often dangerous people living outside society. Can the girls emerge from this experience with their friendship and sanity intact?
Pompidou Posse is a unique glimpse into the dark side of Europe’s most glamorous city.
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A posse to Paris

Solomon's Angels
Doreen Virtue
Hay House
King Solomon knew how to harness universal energies to build his temple, tap into wisdom, and enjoy all of life's riches. The only thing he was missing was true love. Makeda, soon to become the Queen of Sheba, was young and filled with exuberant curiosity about the world. She knew about the Jinn elemental realm and how to work with the sun and moon's magical light, but she still wasn't sure how to take charge of her own life.
In Solomon's Angels , Doreen Virtue's first novel, which is based on thoroughly researched historical, biblical, archaeological, and culturally accurate information, you'll see how Solomon and Makeda's meeting changed both of their lives forever.
You'll discover the ancient secrets behind how Solomon's temple was built without hammers and saws, and the role that the archangels and sacred geometry played in manifestation and divine magic.
Solomon and Makeda's magically romantic story will inspire you in many ways ... long after you've finished reading it.
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Solomon and the Queen of Sheba
Note: Book summaries based on those supplied by the publishers.

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